Are you trying to buy crystals? Are you feeling stressed and full of anxiety? Maybe crystals are the best solution for you now. Before buying crystals, everyone should research their benefits. You may be looking for tranquility, calmness, stress reliever others may look for high productivity, boosting energy.

However, before proceeding to buy crystals online, have a look at this article. If you use two different types of crystal together, you will not benefit from any crystal. That is why you need to know which crystals conflict with each other.

If you are aware of the crystal combination, then you can avoid this combo buying mistake. Here I will talk about some crystal combo that is not recommended to use.

#1 Carnelian & the Amethyst

Carnelian crystal boosts the energy, while the amethyst will calm your mind. These are two different types of crystals, and one will eliminate the other action. As a result, your mind will be confused about which crystal to follow.

This will result in an uneasy feeling, an uncomfortable feeling because your chakra will be confused about whether to calm you down or boost your energy.

Suppose you want to create art, so you will need to boost creative energy. In that case, a carnelian is best for you. Then if you are angry or stressed and want to calm down, amethyst is the best option for you as it will calm you down.

#2 Green Aventurine & Clear Quartz

Green aventurine is a calming crystal, whereas clean quartz is an energy-boosting crystal. Generally, red crystals are more dominant crystals, so if you buy crystals online to use these two simultaneously, they will put you clam in a nervous situation.

Whether going for a job interview or admission test, having a pair of these can be the worst decision. Either use the green aventurine to remain calm or clear quartz to boost the energy.

#3 Red Jasper & Blue Lace Agate

Some people use this combo when they are depressed. They think the red jasper will boost their energy, and then the lace agate will calm them down.

However, things don’t work this way. The red jasper boosts the energy when depressed people are in low energy, which results in more depression. Then the lace agate slows down this process which results in a bad and gloomy day.

#4 Tigers Eye & Amazonite

Tiger’s eye is one of my favorite gemstones. It gives a confident feeling, a feeling of dominance like the tiger. Tiger’s eye will make a bold living out of you, while Amazonite is used to help to sleep.

However, these two stones contradict each other, and you can no longer have a peaceful sleep.

#5 Tigers Eye & Smoky Quartz

Tigers eye gives a boost in confidence, and Smokey quartz protects you from energy and empathies you. These two stones will not work properly together.

As a result, you will fall into a confusing situation. One stone tries to increase, boost the energy and confidence other tries to stop that energy.


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