Finding a nanny you can trust to watch your children is very difficult. You can canvas the neighborhood and stalk the playground in search of your own. And if you can find a fantastic one, they can have a full-time job, or even be unavailable on the night you need them.

As a result, parents are turning to their phones and searching the internet for babysitters. There is a slew of applications available to link parents with dependable sitters looking for jobs. Are you hesitant to hire someone you don’t know? Some applications provide feedback from other parents, not just other parents in your neighborhood, school, church, or Facebook.

Here are five best ‘find a nanny website‘ you would use to connect with a nanny.


You’ll almost certainly have a good number of sitters in your region, which is one of the more significant caregiving sites. is a dating site for parents and babysitters (tutors, pet care, elder care, housekeeping, and other services). And here you thought your dating days were over!

Build a profile on with main info about your family (How many children do you have? How old are they?), then sitters and nannies who are involved respond, and you proceed from there. References and optional background checks are included with sitter accounts for an extra fee.

#2 UrbanSitter

This app and website will help you locate and interact with top-rated sitters in your community, as well as those recommended by your kindergarten, church, parenting group, daycare center, and other organizations. A star rating (from one to five) is included in each profile, as well as the opportunity to see how many repeat bookings a sitter has and, of course, ratings.

You should also look at sitters who can serve in unusual situations (like overnights) or who have specialized experience. The program is accessible in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Also, it connects those who live near college campuses with sitters.

#3 Sitter Pro

You can conveniently (and quickly) communicate with babysitters or nannies from local agencies around the country with this software (owned by UrbanSitter!).

You can enter any unique requests (such as child care) and save previous caregivers as “favorites” so you can book them again in the future. You may also save useful information in the app, such as emergency numbers or allergy information.

#4 SeekingSitters

Another website that prioritizes your child’s welfare is this one. Many sitters must have CPR and First Aid experience and have completed a thorough background check from the company’s on-staff inspectors. It is also helpful to find a nanny online.

You won’t be able to reach your sitter ahead of time (which means no phone interviews), but SeekingSitters will do the legwork for you. You should always ask for a sitter if you want one. The website is used to process all payments.

#5 Sittercity

Sittercity was launched in 2001, so it’s likely you booked those babysitting jobs from the other side when you were looking for extra cash before having children.

A vast database of millions of sitters, from babysitters and tutors to specialty care agencies, is what 20 years in the industry gives you. It’s a career board where you can post a job, review applications, and schedule a meeting. For an extra fee, background checks are available.


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