Whether you are using NBN plans or mobile data plans, your privacy is of utmost importance. Take a look at 5 apps that may be invading your privacy.

1. Camera360 Ultimate

This is the default camera app for Android systems and quite advantages in many ways. Although you can use a number of good features such as free cloud storage, a number of new camera modes, and facial recognition facility, however, this app becomes suspicious when it comes to the privacy concerns. It has a built-in library, Baidu search engine, which is a Chinese replacement of Google. Inclusion of this library makes this app suspicious as there is no good answer if someone asks about having a Chinese search engine which has the strength to turn the Wi-Fi off and on. In addition to this, the in-app purchases for this app are powered by a Chinese payment system Alipay.

2. Facebook 

It sends data in the form of clear text; it means that the data is sent without encryption. Earlier, the authentication token used by this app was not supposed to be expired; nevertheless, now they get expired in an hour. So, you need not send sensitive data via Facebook. Be careful when using Facebook with Telstra sim only mobile plans.

3. QR Pal

This is a free iPhone app and used as Barcode Reader and QR Code Scanner. It helps you in scanning and comparing product prices with the aid of a built-in barcode reader; however, just like Facebook, it sends data in the form of clear text which means no encryption is done before sending data. It also accesses contacts book along with location and some other information.

4. Angry Birds

This game, which made people crazy to play it madly, is not good enough to download when it comes to considering its privacy wellbeing. It becomes difficult to believe that an app that has been downloaded more than 2 billion times since 2009 have specific ad libraries to seize the identity information of the electronic device such as ID and number of the device, signal and career information, and phone call logs no matter you are using mobile data or NBN plans (Wi-Fi).

Almost all of the sequels grab such information using targeted libraries. The earlier versions of this app were so vulnerable that British GCHQ captured user information from this app due to its poor security. However, the later versions of this app were comparatively safer.

5. My Talking Tom

This is one of the most famous apps and you may have played it for fun; however, the privacy terms of the app are not good enough. It contains eight ad libraries and not only sends identification information to the advertisers but also sends the audio of the microphone too. It’ll sound creepy to you that it provides audio information from an app that is being used by little kids. Spying on kids make the usage of this app a bit more skeptical as nobody is sure what is being done with the data that is being collected through kids’ app.

In addition, the very same developer made some other apps too such as “Talking Ben” and “Talking Angela” which are accessing the all aforementioned information. However, these apps do not share information accessed via microphone to the advertisers.


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