In today’s fast-paced environment, most prefer short, immediate communications. Many people would instead write a short birthday message on a friend’s or family member’s Facebook wall or send them a virtual greeting card through SMS or email than sending a birthday card for him. It’s because virtually all contact occurs online or via mobile phones.

Why Do We Send Birthday Greetings?

General-purpose greeting cards originated in China, whereas birthday greeting cards originated in England. This custom is over a century old; however, there are no stories or proof as to who sent the first birthday card. This may be due to cultural differences; birthday cards are usually used as a written apology.

This gradually moved in a new direction, with cards now representing a broader feeling of concern. For example, if you were invited to a birthday party but could not attend, you were expected to send a greeting card. The card represents your kindness and reminds the celebrant that your absence is not due to ill intent.

Many people still like these kinds of cards, particularly those who want an old-fashioned greeting. Funny personalised birthday cards, for instance, are a great way to express your support and gratitude for a buddy. Cards are still used today for a variety of reasons; read on to see why.

#1. They can express feelings.

A birthday greeting card allows you to express emotions that you may not say in person. Sending a card can let you express your pleasure, love, appreciation, or any other emotion, no matter how far away you are from the receiver. Even if you are not there, your friends and family who get your card will feel emotionally connected to you.

#2. They can form bonds.

A card from you would greatly appreciate a friend or family who is down in the dumps. A humorous birthday card may boost their spirits and remind them of happier times if they are going through a particularly trying time in their lives.

Another aspect is that receiving a handmade letter boosts their self-esteem. If you took the time to physically write a note to them, it shows that you cherish your relationship with them. That may mean a lot to individuals who are going through a difficult time.

#3. They can strengthen weak connections.

Sending a card to business acquaintances is a friendly approach to express gratitude for their cooperation. When you write a birthday message for a coworker or employer, it shows that you appreciate their efforts. It may boost a worker’s morale to know that you care enough about them to send them a birthday greeting.


Birthday cards are a low-cost way to show someone that you care. A few well-written words or a humorous greeting may brighten someone’s day, so send those cards as soon as possible.

You can send a variety of unique birthday greetings to your relatives and friends. Make your friends and family laugh with hilariously offensive birthday cards, rude anniversary cards, and more!


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